About Us

At DEEVA, we connect you to India's legacy and culture, reviving industry and bringing back the age-old handloom fashion from different corner of our country, by building an exclusive saree platform for 'categories of sarees' present pan-India. DEEVA directly delivers from manufacturers / weavers to your doorstep, no matter where you sitting all over India
Customer from different culture and ethnical look, sitting in different state wasn't able to follow it's origin
To complete traditional culture and ethnical look, DEEVA brings you more than 50 different categories of handloom and 400 different machinery categories of sarees in India. Some of the categories of sarees are Kora silk saree, Vichitra silk saree, Mina cotton saree, ghicha saree, soft coton saree, khadi cotton saree, kanchipuram pure silk saree, banarasi silk saree,brasso silk saree, gorgette saree, banaras silk saree, ikkat saree and many more.
Our extreme dedication to customers satisfaction and utmost care for reviving culture,  DEEVA earn recognition as "#1 online saree store" And we proudly flaunt about it .
DEEVA knows how to keep customers attached, delay is of getting tried for once.
See you soon!!
DEEVA values your time and emotions!